Probate Attorney Brooklyn

The Probate Attorney Brooklyn

Probate is the process by which the assets and estates of an individual is managed, administered and distributed among the beneficiaries after the death of the owner. When you pass away, your estates and assets must be accounted for, evaluated and dispersed in a certain way. This is a legal and complex process, and this is the area of specialization of the Probate Attorney Brooklyn. You as an elderly person having assets to your name, there are things you need to know about the probate process before hand in order to make this process easier for your surviving loved ones. There are mistakes you must avoid in order to see your estate distributed among them according to your desires, and this is why you need a Probate Attorney Brooklyn.

Reasons Why You Need a Probate Attorney Brooklyn

Intestate Laws

Every state has it’s own statutes binding the probate process. As a citizen of Brooklyn, or as an owner of one or more estates located in Brooklyn, you must write your will according to the statutes of Brooklyn law. This is because at your death (although sad but inevitable), your will must be validated in a Surrogate’s Court to see if it meets the requirements of Brooklyn Laws. If it does not, your will be declared invalid and your estate declared intestate. Once this happens, your wish in your will can no longer stand, and your estate will be distributed according to the intestate laws binding Brooklyn. You obviously do not want this to happen and this is why you should hurry now before it is too late and contact a Probate Attorney Brooklyn to offer legal guidance in writing your Will. He, with his legal expertise and knowledge in the laws binding Brooklyn, will help ensure that you follow every legal protocol to ensure your loved ones are not stripped off their inheritance. Go on and contact a good Probate Attorney Brooklyn today.

Valuation of the estate and payment of bills.

When writing your Last Will, you must name an executor. You could either have this person as one of your close and trusted colleagues, friend or family member, or you could decide to name a trusted and competent Probate Lawyer as your executor. Either ways when you finally pass away, the executor has the responsibility of initiating the probate process in a Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn, so long that is where the estate assets are. Due to the legal complexity of this probate process, the executor is advised not to go through it by himself, to avoid making wrong steps that may be against the laws of the state. Therefore as an executor or even a beneficiary of any will, you should quickly seek and hire the Probate Attorney Brooklyn to protect your utmost interests. The Probate Attorney Brooklyn becomes responsible for handling the payments of estate debts left by the deceased, income taxes, funeral expenses and so on. These payments are judiciously done out of the estate’s checkbook. The Attorney will also evaluate the estate to see whether or not the net worth suffices to be distributed among the beneficiaries just as the will demands.

Distribution of Estate Assets

The owner of the will may declare the executor as the administrator of the estate. But as this is a tedious task demanding legal formalities, the executor should consider hiring a Probate Attorney Brooklyn to help administer the estate. The Brooklyn Attorney is highly knowledgeable in this area as well. Wills may be contested by displeased parties during probate. A beneficiary may feel cheated, or even believe that the will was signed under duress. He or she has the legal right to petition a “contest of will” and the Probate Attorney must be involved in this process. The Probate Attorney Brooklyn knows what legal steps to follow in determining how best to settle such disputes regarding Wills. For these reasons and more, quickly contact the services of a competent Probate Attorney Brooklyn to protect your financial interests.